And the 2010 Musicoz Finalists are:

Congratulations for those that have been judged the top independent artists of their genre for 2010.  Artists are in alphabetical order only.  Our encourgaement to those who entered but did not achieve the finalist cull.  There has been amazing feedback this year about the calibre of artists and their songs.

... Cam Nacson Break Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
... Cam Nacson Not a Love Song Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Alana Bruce If you only knew Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Alisa Fedele She Told Me Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Amanda Baker The Fool Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Ami Williamson WE TRAVEL IN CARS Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Andrew Marshall Bartholomew's Bed Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Angharad Drake Not Yours Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Caitlin Harnett Sleepwalking Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Caitlin Harnett Tying Hands & Holding Shoelaces Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Charles J Tan Almost Sunday Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Cheynne Murphy Gratitude Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Colleen O'Connell Cigarettes Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Darryl Beaton Band A Fathers Words Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Dishpan Fingers Birds Fall Quickly Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Dishpan Fingers Team Persecution Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Drew Wilson Far Away Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Drew Wilson Waiting Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Edoardo Santoni Fell Out Of Time Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Ellena Miss You Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Emma-Louise Chocolatte Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Emma-Louise Insomnia Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Fiona Wilde Black Crows Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
greg champion this was my town [Marysville] Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Hannah Acfield Believing Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Hannah Acfield Blues Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Isabel Change the Season Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Jack Carty Satellite Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Jack Carty Sunlight Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Jack Carty The Sailor Song Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Jesse Mitchell MY OWN TWO FEET Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
John Flanagan & the Begin Agains I Used to Believe Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
John Flanagan & the Begin Agains Meet Me In Between Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Josh Romig I Dont Notice Seasons Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Kate Lush New Day Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Kelly Malone Do My Head In Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Larissa McKay Falling Away Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Liam Campbell All Together Now Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
M.J.Woodbridge BEAST Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Mardi Pannan Beautiful Day Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Mardi Pannan Tattooed Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes Fee Fi Fo Fi Fum Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Melanie Horsnell Lovers Home Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Melissa Otto Patio Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Mikel Johnson Papaganda Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Mindy Sotiri Controlled Sliding Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Natalie Slade Little Sister Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Paul Appelkamp City Lights Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Rachel Laing Here With Me Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
renee hibbert hindsight Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Rezzalp Weary Night Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Rory Faithfield Born In Sydney Town Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
SAM BUCKINGHAM Gravity Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Sameera Her Cry (The whale song) Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Simone Pitot Little Man Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Simone Pitot Mine Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Simone Pitot New Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Snez Mr Moon Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Special Patrol Hot Air Balloon Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Special Patrol In Between You and Me Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Steve Grady Not Yet, Not Now Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Susan Muranty I Feel Sorry For The Stars Tonight Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Tess Hathaway Backward Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
The Otto Brothers Many Waters Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
The Trouble with Virginia I'm on your side Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Trent Williams Moving Anyway Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Wyatt Moss-Wellington I Come From Nepal Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
xoxo Little Miss Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Zino and Caroline Duo I Believe in Love Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
11:59 OxyMORON Alternative
Adelle The Attic & Lace Alternative
Ami Williamson WE TRAVEL IN CARS Alternative
Angeline Neville Chasing Shadows Alternative
AniKiko Like No Other Alternative
Atticus Jane's Row Alternative
autumn for kings Consequence Alternative
Ben Stewart Love is a Cruel Machine Alternative
Bennie James We All Keep On Marching (Wonderful Finale) Alternative
Blackchords 22 Alternative
Brian Martin Hey Yumma Alternative
Claire Whiting Buckle Alternative
Designer Pilot Hindsight Alternative
Ellena Miss You Alternative
End Of Aeon The Winds Alternative
Evolution Zero Free Alternative
Evolution Zero Miles Away Alternative
Foxx on Fire Mission Abort Alternative
Grand Atlantic Coast Is Clear Alternative
Grand Atlantic Trip Wires Alternative
Hannah Acfield Give & Take Alternative
Jessica Paige Never Never Land Alternative
Jessica Paige You and Your Brother Alternative
Lachy Mother Alternative
Made in Japan Oxford Decor Alternative
Mark Boulle Hey man Alternative
Matt Purcell & The Blessed Curse Hollywood Alternative
Matt Purcell & The Blessed Curse Strum it Alternative
Mog Feeding Frenzy Alternative
Mog OMFG Alternative
Nadene Pita Newborn Alternative
Natasha Stuart Let It Go Alternative
One Flew East Eureka Kings Alternative
Overpass Dearest One Alternative
Palorus Jack Let's Give It In Alternative
Planet Love Sound On The Run Alternative
Polaroid Fame Face Off Alternative
Pretty on the Speedway Rattlecakes Alternative
Riot Runners Jaded Alternative
Robert Cini Haven't You Noticed Alternative
Russell Crawford Bad Luck Alternative
Sadhana Art After Dark Alternative
Sarah Haigh Heart of Darkness Alternative
Sarah Haigh Pray Alternative
ShadowCraft Already Over Alternative
Sharmber Here It Comes Alternative
Sharmber Motherland Alternative
Sin City God Damn Alternative
super FLORENCE jam Marcy Alternative
SUPER MASSIVE Get Me Out Of My Head Alternative
the instamatics How Much Are You Getting For Free? Alternative
The Jacob Butler Project Coma Alternative
The Jezabels Disco Biscuit Love Alternative
The Medics Her Song Alternative
The Seabellies Feel It Leave Alternative
The Seabellies Orange X Alternative
The Short Fall Secrets Alternative
The Short Fall We would know Alternative
The Siren Tower Letter From The Edge Of The Earth Alternative
The Siren Tower The Bridgehouse Alternative
The Toxic Femmes Sounds Of Silence Alternative
Twelve Foot Ninja Beneath The Smiles Alternative
Twelve Foot Ninja Molotov Brother Alternative
where's JEROME Pineapple People Alternative
Wormholes Exist Deep Water Alternative
Wormholes Exist Near Earth Alternative
Young Werther Around the World Alternative
8 Ball Aitken Black Swamp Creek Blues/Roots
8 Ball Aitken Yellow Moon Blues/Roots
Ami Williamson I NEED A WIFE Blues/Roots
Ami Williamson SO NOT IN TOUCH Blues/Roots
Anni Piper Chasin' Tail Blues/Roots
Anni Piper Great Big Baby Blues/Roots
Anni Piper Highway Time Blues/Roots
Big Billy Bigby I've Got that Feeling Blues/Roots
Buddy Knox SQUEAKY CHAIR BLUES Blues/Roots
Chase The Sun living free Blues/Roots
Chase The Sun Princess Blues/Roots
Chase The Sun Sweet candy Blues/Roots
Claude Hay How Can You Live With Yourself Blues/Roots
Dallas Frasca "Thank You For Making Me Who I Am" Blues/Roots
Dallas Frasca I Like You Better When You're Straight Blues/Roots
Dallas Frasca Strong Man Blues/Roots
Dallas Frasca Til The End I'll Walk Proudly Blues/Roots
Dan Hopkins & the Generous Few Golden Girl Blues/Roots
Declan Kelly and the Rising Sun. let me love you Blues/Roots
Declan Kelly and the Rising Sun. Rise to the festival. Blues/Roots
Dela Pheonix Trio Vanilla Sky Blues/Roots
G. Nunan Band Start Again Blues/Roots
Jenny Biddle Chest of Drawers Blues/Roots
Joe Hall & The Treehouse Band Treehouse Blues/Roots
Matt Katsis Waiting Blues/Roots
Megan Cooper She Travels North Blues/Roots
Mick Kidd (Theres) Murray Waters Keep on Flowin? Blues/Roots
Mississippi Shakedown We've All Got Our Cross To Bear Blues/Roots
NJ No good Liar Blues/Roots
Paul Appelkamp Live and Learn Blues/Roots
Paul D Renton Greyhoundin' Home Blues/Roots
Paul D Renton Someone Like You Blues/Roots
Rod Dowsett skinny white legs Blues/Roots
Rose Carleo Thank You For The Favour (Demo) Blues/Roots
soiled earth Mamma Blues/Roots
soiled earth Shake that thing Blues/Roots
Storme Somethings Gotta Give Blues/Roots
The Blue Ruins Alone Blues/Roots
The Blue Ruins Remember Blues/Roots
The Blues Preachers Beulah Land Blues/Roots
The Blues Preachers Divine Justice Blues/Roots
The Objective Sitting on a Mountain Blues/Roots
the twine Granma Blues/Roots
VITALEY Wasting Time Blues/Roots
Andy Pobjoy I'm Going Home Christian/Spiritual
Angels are Architects Surrender Christian/Spiritual
Anthony James Cox Heaven Christian/Spiritual
Anthony James Cox Sorrow and Joy Christian/Spiritual
Chris M I Build Roads Christian/Spiritual
Chris M I Will Think Of You Christian/Spiritual
Chris M Morning Song Christian/Spiritual
Cooking With Henry Ford Beautiful Soul Christian/Spiritual
Danny Hooper You don't need wings to fly Christian/Spiritual
ears2hear Soul Train Christian/Spiritual
ears2hear This Man Christian/Spiritual
ears2hear Your Home Christian/Spiritual
Enigma Variation The Anthem Christian/Spiritual
Garage Hymnal Hallelujah Christian/Spiritual
Garage Hymnal Let Us Talk Christian/Spiritual
Garage Hymnal The Light Has Found Us Christian/Spiritual
GINA OGILVIE WORTHY Christian/Spiritual
Graham Scobie Band I Pledge My Love To You Christian/Spiritual
JENIQUA AWAKEN MY SOUL Christian/Spiritual
JENIQUA GET READY Christian/Spiritual
Kat Ferguson Spinning (Stephen's Song) Christian/Spiritual
Luke O'Shea How Well Have You Loved? Christian/Spiritual
Manjia Music - Manjia Luo Vision Christian/Spiritual
Mark Douglas Williams Nothing Less Than Free Christian/Spiritual
Mark Douglas Williams Peace May Grow Christian/Spiritual
Mark Douglas Williams Shout To Me Christian/Spiritual
Mark Douglas Williams Singling Haleluja Christian/Spiritual
Mark Douglas Williams Waves of Love Christian/Spiritual
Melissa Otto Goodbye Old Man Christian/Spiritual
Michelle Cashman Alive Christian/Spiritual
Michelle Cashman Come Home Christian/Spiritual
Michelle Cashman More Christian/Spiritual
Mick McHugh Lost My Faith Christian/Spiritual
Nelson Piccin Standing in a Minefield Christian/Spiritual
NJ Dare to be Christian/Spiritual
QuixotiQ Living Temples Christian/Spiritual
Road To Canaan Save Me Christian/Spiritual
SAMS PERMISSION Take my Hand Christian/Spiritual
Susan Muranty Amen Amen (So Be It My Love) Christian/Spiritual
Tania G This is My Life Christian/Spiritual
The GMF Band Glory Christian/Spiritual
The GMF Band Legendary Christian/Spiritual
The GMF Band Mercy Christian/Spiritual
The GMF Band Ride of Life Christian/Spiritual
The GMF Band U Gotta Know Christian/Spiritual
The GMF Band Your Grace Christian/Spiritual
The Otto Brothers Be Magnificent Christian/Spiritual
Trent Williams Secrets Christian/Spiritual
Tribal Only If You're With Me Christian/Spiritual
Trip Poppies The Garden of Eden Christian/Spiritual
8 Ball Aitken Cowboy Movie Country
8 Ball Aitken Hands On Top Of The Wheel Country
8 Ball Aitken Outback Booty Call Country
AMANDA HALLORAN not that into me Country
Brad Cole Come Home Country
Brad Cole Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight Country
Candice & Nadinne Also Known As Love Country
Candice & Nadinne It Happens Country
Candice & Nadinne Like I'm Leaving Country
Candice & Nadinne Not That Into You Country
Carter & Carter Surviving Black Saturday Country
Chris E Thomas & The Free Range One For The Roadie Country
Claye soft top Country
Col Finley and Dallas County Dont Come Over (til Im Over You) Country
Craig Morrison Little Cowboys Heaven Knows Country
Craig Morrison Little Cowboys Miss You Country
Damian Howard and The Ploughboys Love Will Always Lead You Home Country
Gemma Luxton She Waits Country
greg champion this was my town [Marysville] Country
Harmony James Precious Little Country
Jamie Delko He Lives Country
Jamie Delko Relive Country
Jamie Delko That's What She Does Country
Jamie Delko Whatever It Takes Country
Jamie Delko You Got A Hold Of Me Country
Jason Kemp Rivertown Country
Jason Kemp Weve Tried Country
Jason Lee Meeting Like This Country
Jaxonville Ready for Us Country
Jayne Denham SHAKE THIS TOWN Country
Jesse Emmanuel Don't Touch My Guitar Country
Jetty Road Million Miles Country
Johanna Hemara Starting Over Country
John Flanagan & the Begin Agains Don't Feed the Birds Country
John Flanagan & the Begin Agains I Used to Believe Country
John Flanagan & the Begin Agains Meet Me In Between Country
Kate Linke That's my Dad Country
Kate Lush Take Me With You When You Go Country
Kaylah Anne On The Inside Country
Kaylah Anne Why Me Country
Kimberley Bowden Do I Country
Kimberley Bowden Little Jane St Country
Laura L Bamford Here With Me Country
Luke O'Shea Pride Of Erin Country
Natalie Conway I Fall Country
Rose Carleo Til I Find Me Again Country
Sally-Anne Whitten Linda's On The Radio Country
Steve Eales Echuca Sun Country
Tania Kernaghan Second Time Around Country
The Bobkatz The Long Haul Country
Very Jane Fly Country
Victoria Baillie Make Me Country
Alex Linegar Hello World! Dance/Electronica
Angeline Neville Red Dress Dance/Electronica
Ant Haus Dangerous Mind (Vocal Version) Dance/Electronica
Beta Blockerz Dance Like It's my Last Day Dance/Electronica
Bitrok Constellation Down Dance/Electronica
Cocoon Growing Dance/Electronica
Cool Weapon Invisible Dance/Electronica
Cranky Pants Feel's So Good Dance/Electronica
Daina Demillo Dragonwoman Dance/Electronica
DEYA DOVA BURST Dance/Electronica
DEYA DOVA KYIO (Mirage Remix Radio Edit) Dance/Electronica
emlynwakg Wakg Madness Dance/Electronica
Friends Of Mine 'Can't See Straight' Dance/Electronica
FST The Way You Move Me (ft. MoniQ) Dance/Electronica
Gerrbear Vanity Dance/Electronica
Greyhound Lane Shadows Dance/Electronica
Hashbang Spacestar Good Night Baby Sleep Tight Dance/Electronica
Ian Munn Solo Artist Leave It All Dance/Electronica
Jayr0m3 Jayr0m3 feat Beni Benjiman - By My Side Dance/Electronica
Keli Hart feat. Bree Fenton WORK Dance/Electronica
Kid Juicy damn sure Dance/Electronica
Lap Around the Sun one3one Dance/Electronica
levi 5star feat Michelle Martinez Melt Inside Dance/Electronica
levi 5star feat Michelle Martinez Runaway Dance/Electronica
Loonaloop Skipping Stones Dance/Electronica
Metals That Ain't Real Love Dance/Electronica
Michael Henry Blue, Green, Aquamarine Dance/Electronica
Michael Henry Ready To Take A Chance Dance/Electronica
Michel Onree Robots Dance/Electronica
MIHIRANGI NO WAR Dance/Electronica
Mojada Put My Love On You - IceHouseIndustries Remix Dance/Electronica
Nate James Walk Like That (Victor James 2009 Mix) Dance/Electronica
Neo Stereo Music Feelit Dance/Electronica
Nik Conomos Foveri Dance/Electronica
Parralox Hotter Dance/Electronica
Patchwork Pyramids Echoes Dance/Electronica
RAY ISAAC DONT WANT Dance/Electronica
Shola Digital Cha Cha Dance/Electronica
SMACKTOWN Jump Da Fuck Up Dance/Electronica
Sonoriser Break My Heart Dance/Electronica
Steve Charles Let's Go! Dance/Electronica
syren Blissfull Dream Dance/Electronica
the instamatics Any Way You Want It Dance/Electronica
The New Avant Garde We are the fallen Dance/Electronica
The StickUpKids Propane Dance/Electronica
The Vangarde Ride It Out Dance/Electronica
TIJUANA CARTEL They Come Dance/Electronica
Winston Manor Human Dance/Electronica
Winston Manor