Our good friends at The Music Network have teamed up with us to bring you the 2010 Artist of the Year Award!


The Music Network Artist of the Year Award has a huge $75,000 prize pool attached to it, and as part of this, the winner will  receive an advertising and editorial Support package valued at $10,000 with The Music Network.


"Our Artist of the Year Award is our biggest and most prestigious award, and teaming up with the coolest and most important music industry publication around, The Music Network, is a really good fit for us" Says Musicoz Founder Pat Maloney.

Jade Harley, Managing Editor of The Music Network commented. "Musicoz is responsible for the discovery and nurturing of numerous established artists including Blue Juice and Bliss N Eso and we wholeheartedly support their commitment to Australian talent. We are thrilled to be presenting the Artist Of The Year Award and wish all entrants the best of luck".


Australia's #1 source for music industry news and information, The Music Network is re-launching in an exciting new format, available from June 8th 2009. The Music Network was founded over 15 years ago and has remained a trusted 'tip sheet' offering unique and timely insights into the Australian music industry. The new format reflects the evolving change and growth of this industry and will now offer a deeper perspective on a number of different issues.

Together with a new design, new logo and layout, there is now a host of additional features offering a deeper perspective and more insightful perspective on music players and consumers. 

Just some of the new features include:

  • A major expansion on digital news and its impact on the music industry
  • Working with the most cutting edge market tracking and consumer trend analysis
  • Specialist reports and case studies with expert interpretation and comment from respected industry figures
  • Comprehensive coverage of the live music and entertainment scene
  • Features on brand marketing in the music space
  • Global reporters working exclusively for The Music Network reporting on worldwide emerging trends
  • A&R tips on making it overseas with European and US columnists
  • Publishing opportunities overseas and locally, getting your songs included in movies, TV ads and performed by other musicians
  • Legal issues and advice relevant to songwriters & musicians
  • Education opportunities, seminars and industry events you MUST attend
  • Jobs - be the first to find out about industry positions available nationally 

The magazine was acquired by Music and Entertainment Marketing Group Peer Group Media, owned by Adam Zammit in January this year, with Jade Harley, former Future Entertainment General Manager taking the reins as Managing Editor in March. 

CEO of Peer Group Media and Owner/Publisher of The Music Network, Adam Zammit said:

"A massive amount of planning and foresight has gone into the content and format of The Music Network relaunch. We will continue to work closely with the whole of Australia's music industry, but also widening this network globally, allowing us to deliver up to the moment insights into every facet critical to those who are in the business from all sides." 

Jade Harley, Managing Editor of The Music Network said:

"Our goal for the next evolution of The Music Network is to ensure it becomes essential reading for every musician, industry member and avid music fan across Australia. By partnering with respected organisations such as APRA/AMCOS and extending subscription offers tailored to the needs of their songwriters and musicians we are welcoming the new wave of the music industry into the TMN fold." 

About The Music Network

The Music Network started its life in 1994 as a photocopied and hand-stapled booklet to report new music additions and comments, sent nationwide to the industry.  Having grown now to be the definitive summary of market movements each week, this 'must read' publication has grown in weight and influence for local and overseas readers alike.

The magazine is read by industry professionals based in Australian and international markets to get an up-to-date snapshot of what is happening in the local business each week. Our subscribers are drawn from a wide range of entertainment organisations: be it music labels, media networks or music and DVD retailers, through to radio and TV programmers/music directors, sales reps, artist managers, music publishers or concert promoters - The Music Network gets to them all.

With over 15 years of information, TMN is also a major resource for research and information including trends in listener and purchaser behaviour. Our data is sought and used by advertising agencies, educational institutions, government agencies and consumer research organisations as well as by our subscribers.


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