Live Performance Review

Ever wondered how you or your band could improve the strength of your live set? With the live scene becoming more and more important than ever, It has become crucial for an artist or band to have a strong live following that is built on live performers that truly connect with their audience.

This unique service involves  a Musicoz  Expert Attending your live gig, listening, watching and absorbing your entire live show. We will also video record the show for further reference. We'll be taking note of the following and more: How your songs work in a live environment, taking note of the stronger ones and also if there are any weak parts of the set. How does your set flow, does it have the right dynamics. How do you connect with the audience both during the songs and between them? How does the audience react to your performance We'll evaluate your entire set/show/performance. Then we'll collate all that info. And provide you with a written report/live feedback sheet identifying all your strengths as well as providing some very creative and useful suggestions to improve in any areas that require improvement. We'll also explain it in detail over the phone or in person afterwards. 

Many artists don't have access to that qualified person they can trust to tell them the truth about their shows. This program is aimed at bridging that gap by providing you with the information and skills you need to build a solid and loyal live fanbase.


Blue King Brown

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